Infrared Sauna Repair
Temperature Probe for Komate, Infinity Sauna, Brighton Sauna, LuxSauna (some models), and others

Temperature Probe for Komate, Infinity Sauna, Brighton Sauna, LuxSauna (some models), and others

3 Years, Replacement
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General Information:
Temperature sensors and probes are used by the control system to detect the inside temperature of your sauna.

A defective or missing probe may result in your sauna being unable to correctly moderate its own temperature, or even render it completely inoperable if it's reading is too far out of range.

In most cases, visually matching the connector type and brand are usually all that's necessary for us to determine the correct probe type, as each of the sauna manufacturers fortunately chose connector types that were distinctively unique from the others.

If your connector appears different than what you see pictured or you have any other questions finding the correct match, then please ask for further guidance.

Also make sure to choose an adequate cable length to suit your needs, and is at least as long as your original probe's cable length.  

Lead Time:
Please note that temperature probes are made-to-order based on the sensor type, cable length, and connector type needed and may have a lead time of 5 to 10 business days before your order ships.  

Return Policy:
Because they are made-to-order, temperature probes are non-returnable.  Temperature sensors are only returnable if they have not been soldered in.

Additional Considerations:
Please also keep in mind that the temperature probe or sensor is only one of several components that are responsible for the proper moderation of your sauna's temperature, and replacing it may not solve your problem.  

For this reason, purchasing a temperature sensor or probe is generally only advised when replacing one that's either missing, visibly damaged, or by someone who has the technical expertise to determine that a sensor is at fault, preventing the proper function of your sauna.

If you're uncertain as to what may be causing your sauna to fail, you may wish to consider a repair or rebuild of your control system to ensure that the correct problem is being addressed.

All temperature probes and sensors include a three year replacement warranty.

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