Infrared Sauna Repair
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall
Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall

Sauna Control System Repair for Soft Heat and Airwall

Flat rate service for diagnosing and rebuild or repair of your AirWall or Soft Heat sauna control system, inclusive of all parts and labor required. 
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Service Details
With the purchase of this service you'll be entitled to the rebuild/repair of a Soft Heat or Airwall control system, inclusive of both the parts and labor required.

Our Standard Repair Service
Our standard repair service addresses any issues with your sauna's control system that are currently preventing the normal use of the sauna. In addition, we also perform limited in-circuit testing of other components considered to be common points of failure. Any that may exhibit apparent signs of emminant failure or are operating outside of the component manufacturer's specified tolerance thresholds will also be replaced.

Our "High Current Overlay" Service (when applicable)
For a small limited range of control system models, we require the addition of our "high-current overlay" service. This is because these specific control systems in particular are known to have been designed with too little copper in certaim critical areas of the circuit board layout to be able to support the sustained current requirements of the heaters.

This is a progressive issue that rarely shows signs of an emminent failure for several years of use, but ongoing oxidizing of the problem-prone copper traces from overheating beyond certain thresholds makes them less conductive and more resistive over the time. Ultimately this causes them to overheat and burn up.

A handful of sauna models have been found to consistantly exhibit this specific issue. Early stages can sometimes be seen as mild scorching on the circuit board, or areas of deformed, melted, or burnt plastic of the connectors soldered to the problematic copper traces, and will sometimes accompanied by the scent of something buring. Even connectors that are just in close proximity to the affected area can also be compromised.

In the interest of your safety, we will only service certain control system models that are known to be susceptable to this problem with the inclusion of our "High Current Overlay" service. This service overlays and augments those critical, frequently problematic high-current pathways with 12 gauge solid copper wire (typically found in everyday household wiring). This augmented pathway for the current to pass through prevents the PCB copper traces from overheating, and can be thought of as similar to adding additional lanes to a section of a freeway to support more traffic.

Any parts within the control system that also show any indication of having been compromised are also replaced. (Note that any cabling or associated interconnects outside of the control system itself are replaced at an additional cost, and not included in the repair of the control system itself. This includes (but not limited to) the main power cable amd the cables leading to heaters, wiring related to lighting, stereo, television, or other secondary or optional electronics. In some cases, if enough length remains on the cable after cutting away the compromised area, then you may only need need to crimp on a new connectors.)

If your control system is one that's been found to be prone to these issues, then "High Current Overlay" or "HC Current Overlay" will be included and indicated in the available service type options.

Placing your order: 
Once you're ready to place your order, you can select the service type using the corresponding option buttons above and adding it to your cart.

Preparing your system's components to be sent to Infrared Sauna Repair 
Upon completion of your purchase, the following components will need to be removed and shipped to us to be rebuilt:

◆ Power Box
◆ Control Pad
◆ The Cable Between the Power Box and the Control Pad
◆ The High Limit Switch
◆ The Cable Between the Power Box and the High Limit Switch

High Limit Switch and Cable Removal: The High Limit Switch is connected to the only one of the white connectors on the power box with four pins. (The others should all by five pins.) The other end should lead to a silver 'saucer' shaped sensor switch located at the top of the sauna.

While removal of these components is generally not considered to be especially difficult, those who don't feel comfortable doing so may wish to hire a qualified electrician to assist.

We are also happy to provide guidance during the removal (and subsequent reinstallation) of these components remotely over the phone. Infrared Sauna Repair however is not responsible for any damage during removal or reinstallation of your sauna control system. For your safety, ALWAYS unplug your sauna before you either disconnect and remove, or replace and reconnect any of it's internal components. 

USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail is recommended.  Prior to shipping, please make sure to include a copy of the invoice in with the box or clearly write your invoice number on the outside of your box.

Our shipping address is: 
Infrared Sauna Repair
1337 Delaware St
Suite #1
Denver, CO 80204

The cost for return shipping will be added to the total price when you finalize your order. 

Infrared Sauna Repair accepts most credit and debit cards. 

Turnaround Time 
Most repairs are shipped out for return within three to four weeks from the date they were initially received.  On rare occasions, a required part may be out of stock that has a higher-than-normal lead times from our suppliers.  Any such delays will be communicated if they should occur.

Standard Repair - Standard repair services are warrantied by Infrared Sauna Repair for three years, parts and labor from the date the repaired equipment is shipped back.

Sauna Components Not Covered
A repair of the sauna control system is limited specifically to the power box, touch pads, the cabling between the touch pads and power box, terminal barrier strips, solid state and mechanical relays, and the thermal sensor.  Some of the components not covered include:  The main power cable, cabling from the power box or power relays to the heaters, components related to an audio system or radio, air purifiers/ionizers, or chromatherapy lighting. 

Non-Warranty for Cosmetic Condition of Repairs
Control systems sent in to Infrared Sauna Repair will be repaired to restore the original intended functionality of the devices.  No attempt will be made to improve upon the visual appearance of any of the equipment, other than a standard cleaning prior to return shipment. 

Notice of Option to Replace with Functionally Equivalent Hardware
In rare circumstances, Infrared Sauna Repair may deem that one or more components are irreparable.  This is usually because a part is no longer available, or repairing the original equipment is for some other reason prohibitively expensive.  In such circumstances, we reserve the option to provide a functionally equivalent replacement.  

Notice of Non-affiliation and Disclaimer
We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Soft Heat and Airwall or any of their subsidiaries or its affiliates.

The names Soft Heat and Airwall as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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