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AS Series 5-Wire Keypads for Health Mate, Sun Spirit, or High Tech Health / Thermal Life

AS Series 5-Wire Keypads for Health Mate, Sun Spirit, or High Tech Health / Thermal Life

 The AS Series keypads are intended as a drop-in replacement for all Health Mate systems that have a 5 wire data cable connection on the keypad side.

Please scroll further down to the Product Details section for additional information in order to determine if you also need a crossover cable.  
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Product Details
For all membrane style keypads beginning with model number that begins with 012 (e.g. 012-0034C, 012-0034D, 012-0037C, or 012-0048A), nearly all failures can be addressed with the keypad overlay repair kit, which can be found here:

Before replacing the entire keypad assembly, there are two things that you'll first need to determine when ordering replacement keypads.  

Important considerations for those with an HMKV-series power supply:

It's critical that If your sauna's power box model number begins with HMKV, including the HMKV-1, HMKV-2, HMKV-4, and HMKV-11 that you also make sure that a crossover cable is present on the data cable.  The crossover cable is required because the 5 Volt and 12 Volt lines were switched in generations that followed the HMKV series products.  We suspect that this was not intentional, but the problem was only caught after it was too late to correct the inconsistency between the wiring of the HMKV series and the generations that followed.

If you have an HMKV series power supply and you're upgrading from HMKV series (usually marked with the model # HMKV-02) keypads to newer AS series keypads, you absolutely need a crossover cable.


If at any point your keypads were already upgraded to later non-HMKV series keypads (due to warranty replacement, or even as the original configuration included with your sauna. etc), but your power box is an older HMKV series power box, then your sauna should already have a crossover cable installed.  If so, you should verify this by looking at both ends of the data cable that connects the keypads to the power box to locate it, and ensure that it gets used with the new keypads.  The 2 to 3 inch long crossover cable will most commonly be found on the keypad side of the cable, but could also be on the box side as well.

Attaching an AS series keypad to an older HMKV series power box without this crossover cable will immediately and irrevocably destroy the new keypads.

Feel free to contact us if you"re unsure which configuration is most suitable for your sauna.
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