Infrared Sauna Repair

Repair Services by Sauna Brand (I - R)

Infrared Sauna Repair provides a flat rate service for rebuilding and repairing your out-of-warranty or under-supported infrared sauna equipment. 

Since it's typical for many of the sauna brands to have transitioned between various control system manufacturers over the years, the best way to determine the type of control system is to match it visually.

To begin, click on the selection below that displays photos that best resemble your sauna's control pads. 

If you need help finding your control system type, feel free to send us photos.  You can text them from your phone to 720-772-8522, send them through a chat session, or email them to  You can also call us at 1(888) 486-7886 for assistance.

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$369.00 - $499.00
$369.00 - $499.00
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